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BELLY, Sensual…Scarred…Sacred- a dance documentary


BELLY is a feature length documentary by Cecilia and Chad Rinn of Full Tilt Boogie L.L.C. that is an intimate exploration of belly-dancers living America today. BELLY was shot on mini DV and produced with funds raised only from Cecilia’s belly-dance performances and belly-dance costume making. Cecilia took class, performed in shows, dressed and lodged with many of the subjects in the documentary while filming BELLY, in order to create an intimate and honest story of these dancers. BELLY explores the multi faceted lives of these women; mothers, spouses, professionals, and community members, and the effect that belly dancing has had on their hopes, dreams, and expectations as lived through their dance.

Reviews and Press:

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What people are saying about “BELLY”

“Boise’s Cecilia Rinn’s “BELLY documentary about belly dancing is really about so much more…It’s about reclaiming your body after injury and illness, and overcoming things in their lives, tied to the ancient art of bellydancing…-Bruce Fletcher-Festival programmer, Idaho International Film Festival & Dead Channels Film Festival

Thanks for doing right by us!”-Karen Lundee, Belly Dancer

‘…there’s something really awesome about people, as a group, getting in to form a ‘collective wow.’ that film brings out the collective wow and was visually compelling.”-Mike Shurko, Independent Film Critic

“Seeing BELLY on the BIG screen was a thrill. But even more was to hear the audience immediately after the film start asking about how to get involved with belly dance. I overheard comments like, “Maybe I will look into starting belly dance lessons tomorrow.” I think that’s a testament to the film’s power and influence. BELLY captured the spirit of the belly dance community.”-Eric Sandmeyer, Composer and Musician

“I thought the film was beautifully done. I really liked how you wove in the different issues of being a dancer: family, children, finding the gig!, body image, health, etc.. .Overall the film was an astounding masterpiece that honored the dancers and their families. You really made us all look Hot!”-Katisha, Belly Dancer

“So many women have been inspired by “BELLY.” It is a positive force the world needs NOW.”-Pat Sandmeyer, Audience member
“Being in Belly has given each us a historical legacy in way, my great grandchildren will be able to watch and see a piece of me and my friends they would never really be able to know.”-Christina Gonzales-Belly Dancer

“You have something unique and honest and that makes it beautiful.”-Kirk Gostkowski-Filmmaker and Director of “Leave Me Behind”

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