BELLY-Tour: “How To”



“BELLY…” is an intimate peek into the personal lives of several belly-dancers who have been profoundly affected by this unique dance form.  This documentary lets the dancers interviewed tell the story of being a belly dancer in their own words, which covers the topics of family, body image, sisterhood, female empowerment, and spirituality.

We have been touring the film around the country, showing it to other bellydancers and their families.

The screenings can be small and intimate, or a large event. If you are interested in setting up a screening near you please read through the information below.

Purchasing a “BELLY” DVD, and/or setting up a screening is a great way to support one of you sister dancer in making this film about bellydancers by bellydancers.

“I had the pleasure of colaborating with Cecilia in 2010 to promote her DVD ‘Belly’ combined with a weekend workshop. Cecilia was professional in her approach, kind and friendly to all that organised and attended the weekend long event. I look forward to working with her again in the future.”- Zaia Hadiyyah, Dance Orientale GA

Q &A

Q) What types of  events could “BELLY” screen at?

A) A “BELLY screening can be combined with an dance workshop and show, Hafla, or Festival, or can be the center point of the event (especially in a large city) with a dance event created around it. Or it could be an intimate screening at  dance studio or home.


Q) What types of venues would work for a screening?


  • Local Movie theaters available for rent
  • Theaters and conference rooms at Universities and collages
  • most theatrical theaters
  • any large room or space can be set up with chairs, a projector, screen, and speakers.
  • some bars and restaurants have large screen TV’s or other ways of projecting and showing sporting events, this would also work great to do a screening of “BELLY”-A home or  dance studio-other possibilities we haven’t thought of yet. If at all interested please contact Cecilia at

Q) What it takes to sponsor a “BELLY Screening?


A) Enthusiasm and  creative thinking! and- An event or venue, and the willingness and ability to promote the event and gather an audience. What Full Tilt Boogie (Cecilia & Chad Rinn) needs is to cover travel expenses, and have an opportunity to sell the “BELLY” DVD. The details on how we work that out is between us and the interested party.

Q) What if the regular tour wont work for us?

A) Full Tilt Boogie has decided to offer a Satellite tour for “BELLY” to expand on the amount of “BELLY” screenings and better share “BELLY” with more viewers. The Satellite tour is only applicable if: 1) The dance/viewing community is to small to support a large enough screening to bring Cecilia & Chad (the filmmakers) to present the film. 2) For some other reason Cecilia & Chad can’t make it to the screenings, because of scheduling conflicts, ext. 3) If there is demand for a screening out of the US, where travel would not be cost or time effective. (Cecilia & Chad are happy to travel to other countries outside of the US, if that is possible)

Notes about the “BELLY” tour

* There is only a handful of feature documentaries about belly-dancing available.  What Makes “BELLY” special is that it tells the personal story of BEING a belly dancer.  Also the film was produced and funded by belly dancing and belly dancers, and the director (the voice of the film) is that of a veteran belly dancer. Also “BELLY” helps explain to people that know little about belly dance what the art form is really about, the joy, magic, and inspiration it brings the women who dance.

* There is a good opportunity for the “BELLY” sponsor to make a profit from being part of the “BELLY tour.  Plus it will be lots of fun and is a good cause.

* If we can drive to an event, another way to help cover expenses is to bring and vend StarBelly Creations costumes.

* A “BELLY” screening could be a great school event, sponsored by the college or university. The film is about more then belly dancing, it is about being a woman.  Women’s centers at local schools may be very interested because “BELLY” covers topics of body image, spirituality and sisterhood, female empowerment, and recovering from illness.

* Cecilia is also available for teaching workshops, doing a live performance, or doing a Q&A about being a female director and producer (Cecilia, along with directing the film, produced it through creative venues-with monies raised from belly dance performances, and the sale of her self designed and handmade belly dance costumes)

Here is a sample agreement on how to sponsor BELLY-Screening


Here is a sample agreement on how to sponsor a BELLY-Satellite Screening

Here is a sample agreement on how to sponsor a BELLY-Home/Studio Screening

Please contact Cecilia Rinn with any questions or ideas