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Belly Dance Warrior

Belly Dance Warrior


As a team, Chad & Cecilia Rinn formed the production company Full Tilt Boogie L.L.C. in 2002 and have worked on many creative projects, including the feature length film “Work IN Sanity”, feature length documentary “BELLY…”, and the feature length film adaptation of Chad’s first novel “Half Ass Jig”. They also wrote and illustrated the majority of episodes of “Half Ass Jig” the comic strip that ran in the Boise Weekly from 2003 to 2004. They have recently been collaborating with some of the finest artists in Boise, Idaho in video, dance, music, and visual arts including projects like “Big Bad-Ass Belly Dance Show”, and “Fugaciously.”

Cecilia Rinn is a Star Belly Dancer, an award winning filmmaker and graphic artist. She is currently a full time belly dance instructor and performer with her school Starbelly School of Dance. Cecilia is also a professional seamstress and costume designer under the name of Star Belly Clothing.

Chad Rinn is also a Star Belly Dancer and has been a published writer since 1995. His stories have appeared in several publications such as FASTER than SHEEP and Equilibrium. His first novel “Half Ass Jig” was self-published in 2004. Chad is currently working on his latest novel “ITCH”.

Their award-winning collaboration on the dance short “Full Circle” and feature documentary “BELLY” have been seen at several film festivals. “BELLY” won an audience choice award in Washougal WA and has screened in over 24 places during its tour of the US.

What is Belly Dance Warrior?

In the course of making “BELLY: Sensual, Scarred, Sacred” we did our best to introduce belly dance and its transformational power to the world. We had no money to begin filming, in fact we were still in debt from filming our first 2 independent films. It was a project we were passionate about, however, so, with the help and generosity of so many people in the belly dance community we were able to finish the documentary and screen it all over the Western United States. It was warmly embraced by the belly dance community.

“I thought the film was beautifully done. I really liked how you wove in the different issues of being a dancer: family, children, finding the gig!, body image, health, etc.. .Overall the film was an astounding masterpiece that honored the dancers and their families. You really made us all look Hot!”-Katisha, Belly Dancer

Thanks for doing right by us!”-Karen Lundee, Belly Dancer

Many dancers showed the movie to their non-dancer friends so that they could understand the unique community that belly dance fostered. With more funding we plan to reach a larger audience for our next belly dance documentary.  In “Belly Dance Warrior” we plan to explore the social impact of belly dance. We discovered many aspects of belly dance during the filming and promoting of BELLY that surprised us. Organizations like Myra Krien’s SEEDs (Self-esteem, Empowerment and Education through Dance) program in Santa Fe, NM and Delilah’s Neighborhood Temple Priestesses in Seattle, WA , and Phoenix & Selayma of “Shimmy 2B Free”, in California and Colorado.

This project is very close to our hearts. The transformative power of belly dance has touched our lives deeply and it feels like a time in the world when its healing power should be more fully recognized and explored. By helping us make this film, we hope to bring to a wider audience the magic of this dance form, and encourage more people to get involved with the belly dance community or other communities that nurture creative expression and positive body image, human elements that tend to be neglected in our modern lives.

What do we need help with?

We need production and travel funds to gather the essential video footage. We know how to stretch a dollar and travel inexpensively, but travel and production costs add up fast, and we would like to cover a wider area than we were able to present in BELLY, which was limited to the western United States. We also need to pay professionals in the community for production and post production work, although we try to do everything ourselves, there are elements of filmmaking (like composing the score) that we need professional help with in order to have a best quality documentary possible. We are currently running an Indiegogo campaing here

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