Half Ass Jig




“Half Ass Jig” is the story of an eccentric group of Boise characters whose lives intersect as they make their way to L.A.  Cliff, the horseless cowboy (Richard Sankey), thinks his soul was sold when his ex-girlfriend sold a sculpture, “Cliff’s Soul,” to famous Hollywood producer Chris Stonely (Cary White).  When he goes to recover it, she tries to stop him, accompanied by a Boise bum who stands to inherit the world.

Cliff’s father, Percy (Bob Taylor), who faked his own death and ran off to California, sold a script to the same Hollywood producer who bought “Cliff’s Soul.”  When Cliff’s mom, Gayle (Terry Davis), discovers her husband’s plan, she heads to L.A., followed by her private-detective lover (Victor Vargas).

Meanwhile, the producer’s mentally ill younger brother, Bob (Jeremiah Walker), heads for California when he receives a flyer on how to get rich as a porn star.

These characters, strangely connected, but ironically oblivious to each other, cross paths with assorted cops, killers and ex-boyfriends, each looking for something to fill the void of their empty, half-assed lives.


Productions Story:

On New Year’s Eve, in the final moments of 1999, Cecilia and Chad decided to make a movie. For years they had been trying to think of a project that their creative group of friends could work on together. By July 4th of 2000, a team had been assembled and production had begun on “Half Ass Jig” the movie. By August of 2000, as it became clear what a huge time commitment a project like this would require, so many people dropped out of the project that Cecilia and Chad’s original roles of Producer and Writer, respectively, expanded to include Director, Director of Photography, Actor, Script Supervisor, Grip, Boom Operator, etc… At one time or another during production they played every role they knew existed on a set, as well as some roles they didn’t know existed. As a costume designer, Cecilia’s attention to detail expanded to include every thing in front of the camera, not just the actors, and some became the film’s Art Director before we knew what an Art Director was.

Once the grueling production of “Half Ass Jig” was complete, the long journey of editing began. The original editor had dropped out of the project long ago, so Cecilia and Chad, on extremely limited funds, began assembling the computer system capable of editing the movie. It was over a year before could even begin editing the movie with anything more than 2 VCRS. Since then many versions of “Half Ass Jig” have been screened to audiences, extra footage has been shot, and the comic strip adaptation has been published in the Boise Weekly. But, the complete “Half Ass Jig” story, over 3 hours of chaos and mayhem, was never available until May of 2006. DVD Available soon. The Novel and Mini Comics are available now.


This is a list of artists who have agreed to donate their music to the Soundtrack:

Nathan Snyder *Molehill* Sandy Erikson* Flies on Fire* The Mechanical Walking ROBOTBOY *VOMF * Narcissus Isthmus *Static Street Idlers *Nabuille *Lowbelly *Sub*Vert* Will Gillett


Comic Book Cast (in order of Appearance)

Cliff   Richard Sankey
Gayle   Terry Davis
Pink   Led
Everyguy   Byl Carrico
Bob   Jeremiah Walker
Moonbeam   Chad Rinn
Honey   Cecilia Rinn
Chad   Chad Buck
Gerald   Victor Vargas
Marvin Blandiekiewicz   Jayk Reynolds
TheKiller   Jasper Streak
Everygirl   Adventure Sarah
Detective Shard   Dave Terror
Streetside Messiah   Jason Rinn
Percy   Bob Taylor
Watermelon Prostitute   Tonya Judd
Chris Stonely   Cary White
Sid   Erik Sanden
Call Girl   Haley Dewitt
Belly Dancer   Marissa Taylor
Barry   Jeremi Smith
Stonely’s Receptionist   Sabra Haney
Willy Slauson   Terry “Mess” Messal
Hollywood Cop’s   Jay Franklin
    Monica Taylor
Guy in convention   Lewis Martin
Dead girls   Sabra Haney
Mellisa Paul
Haley Dewitt
Becky Hicky
Tonya Judd
Tukkers   Raquel Fernandes & Cody Shebley
Valerie Massee
Ben & Michelle Tally
Penny Broderick & Bob Mross
Jimmy Ellis & Marissa Taylor
Mock Documentary Cast
Allen Von den Rhine

Skater Neighbor Boy

Goth Neighbor Boy

Fat Guinea Pig

Hairy Guinea Pig

Jo Von den Rhine


Cal McWood

Crazed Fan

BC’s CEO’s

Comic Store Clerk

Convention Security Guard

Comic Artist #1

Comic Artist #2

Potato Enthusiast

Tall Guy

Comic Fans:

  Chad A. Rinn

Jake Rinn

Joe Rinn



Cecilia Rinn

Will Schmeckpeper

Cary White

Nick Stwart S.

Andrew Ellis

Tara Wright

Byl Carrico

Erik Messal

C.J. Randall

Brian Rood

Terry Davis

Jayk Reynolds

Jennifer Levy
Ken Levy
Bob Mross
Richard Mross
Janessa White
Danny Amspacher
Brian Amberg
Brady McDonald
Davis McDonald
Layla McDade