Work In Sanity


Work In Sanity
Telemarketers Need Love, Too.


Title: Work In Sanity
Director: Chad & Cecilia Rinn
Running Time: 83 minutes
Language: English
Format: NTSC, Mini DV
Completed: July 2008

Work In Sanity is a feature length film by Chad & Cecilia Rinn of Full Tilt Boogie. Allen, the story’s protagonist,  finds himself working as a telemarketer and his only hope of keeping his sanity is to squeeze in some kind of creative outlet by drawing and writing short stories between t his phone calls. The stories are his only life line in an atmosphere of security cameras, disgruntled co-workers, and endless rejection over the phone. Populating his stories with alternate versions of his co-workers and himself, he explores the prevalence of addiction and alienation in corporate America.

Work In Sanity screenings:
2008 Idaho International Film Festival
Friday September 26th 2:15pm, Egyptian Theater
Saturday September 27th 4:30pm, The Flicks

* Review by Mike Skurko in FILM PIG

Article from 2006 THRIVE!

Director’s Statement:
In 2002 I participated in the i48, Idaho’s 48 hour movie making contest.  It was thrilling to see what came out of such a short, rushed period of time.  I wondered how much that sense of urgency added to the creative process.  It’s that urgency that I tried to bring to “Work in Sanity.”  That may sound absurd to say that about a movie that has been 6 years in the making, but each segment was made in short bursts of urgency between the obligations of other projects.  Not all of them were made in a mere 48 hours, but they were all shot and edited in quick, frantic bursts of activity.  The writing took on a different work-flow, but was still done in a short period of time.  Each short story, like the stories in the movie, were written between phone calls, when I worked as a telemarketer in 1999, and then later adapted into scripts, with the help of Thomas Brown.

Many of the locations were the actual work places of myself and other family members, sometimes filmed by sneaking in after hours, sometimes shot on the sly during work hours.

Completing this project has been an emotional journey, as I try to make peace with the ways that I have integrated my creative life into my “day job” life.  Already the relationship between my creative projects and my practical employment has changed drastically since I began work on “Work In Sanity”.
-Chad Rinn

Production  story:

Neem, Robert McMinn’s chicken, who played supporting roles in two of the short stories, became a beloved member of the family of actors and crew members, and was sometimes on set during scenes she wasn’t acting in.  On one such occasions, Neem was around during a location shoot at a trailer park in Boise. It’s unclear whether chicken’s represent a significant crime problem in Boise, or whether it was a slow day for law enforcement officers in Boise, but two police squad cars and a sheriff responded to reports of a suspicious man in an SUV with a chicken.

Also unclear is whether the officers left because it quickly became obvious that Neem was not a part of any nefarious avian plot to commit heinous crimes, or if it was Robert McMinn’s encyclopedic knowledge of chickens that he was enthusiastically sharing with the peace officers that scared them away.

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